Thursday, 16 May 2013


As part of our learning design task the group have to create personas. We have been asked to create two each based on the kind of people we would expect to come onto our course.
I went down the imaginative road and based the personas loosely on my wife and I. The personas created by the other team members are a mix of people with higher education experience and school teaching experience. It is pretty easy to spot the common thread - there are some with good experience of using technology in the class and there are others with limited experience and perhaps lack of confidence that would like to utilise technology more effectively. There are factors and concerns associated with each persona which in turn will be used to determine forces on the course.

This is the first time I have been involved in a learning design task such as this, it is very detailed. I can see however how our personas can be used to 'shape' the direction for the course. The team have been doing a fantastic job, it's not very often you end up in a team where everything clicks. There are another 4/5 weeks of this group task remaining, let's hope in continues.

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