Sunday, 26 May 2013

Activity 10

That's weeks 14 and 15 completed.

It was an interesting couple of weeks in the learning design task, I am very happy with the group that I have been placed in. I was initially a bit reluctant in my role as team leader, only because of the context under which we are working - online with not really knowing each other that well. For me everything is working out fine, I hope the other team members feel the same.

Because of this good relationship, we have all contributed equally in the contribution to articulating the context. The persona task was a good help in this as it helped us reach a common understanding of the type of learner/teacher that we will be working with. Trish and Priya did a fantastic job in completing the framing document. The biggest challenge was finding time when we could all meet up together synchronously, although we all kept in pretty close contact through twitter. Although I am comfortable with working with websites, I found the Google site we are using a bit cumbersome, as I think most people are.

We still have a few weeks of this task left, which culminates in TMA3, I have already started looking at it in some detail.

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