Thursday, 2 May 2013

Activity 25 - oh dear... Not another home made video...

So, that's the Open Education MOOC come to an end. Unfortunately as I am involved in the OU H817 course, I couldn't get to enjoy finishing off the course as much as I would have liked because of having to complete TMA2. I get the feeling most others on H817 were in the same boat. I enjoyed the MOOC, it was a new experience for me in which I learned loads of new stuff that I should have learned about before, for example Creative Commons and OER. I will probably go back and finish a couple of tasks I never got round to doing.

This video, hastily put together in work, is for my 3rd and final badge, which I will wear with pride...


  1. Hi David, thanks for positive feedback, I'm glad you enjoyed it. Interesting to see what you found interesting and where it has led you. Badges are a very interesting development - if you don't already follow doug belshaw on Twitter as he works for Mozilla and is a good chap.
    Hope you like your new badge!

  2. Well done on the three badges David, enjoyed your reflections too.

  3. Thanks, David, for putting yourself out there. I'm glad you got your badge.