Monday, 3 June 2013


So, we're getting to the end of weeks 16 and 17, which is culminating in the production of storyboards. I am no stranger to storyboarding in both my lives as a developer and as a teacher. I used to storyboard on the occasions that I developed websites and I always encouraged my learners to use storyboards, especially when teaching web development.

Our team have been pretty much going with the flow and doing what we need to do and working very well together, although one of the team members seems to have dropped off the radar a bit. We were asked to bring together our ideas into a storyboard, so we divided the task, Me and another team member would present one each as teachers, the other two storyboards would be from the learner perspective. I toyed around with some ideas myself for a day or two, because I wasn't too sure if my approach should be from a high level or be detailed. After a quick tweet to aunty T, I decided to take a more detailed approach, which suited me as I always prefer the pragmatic approach.

I decided to base my storyboard directly on the case study that I had reviewed - why re-invent the wheel. My storyboard was an intro to furniture design course lasting 4 weeks with three summative assessments and one final formative. The aim was to use technology to capture the basic design process and build an ePortfolio of artefacts that would be used for assessment purposes. I took me a good couple of hours to work with the diagram, I thought it would be beneficial to also include a course rationale and framework.

I had a look at the other frameworks and was pleased to see the different approaches that everyone else took - it's important to have different design perspectives. The only thing we need to do now is unify them.

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