Monday, 3 June 2013


After a month of waiting, I finally got my mark back for my TMA.  I got to the point where I was actually dreaming about it in my sleep.

Even though my mark isn't bad I feel as if it should have been better. Unless you get 100%, I know that most people feel this way. However, this time around my mark has been getting to me more than usual.

I am pi**ed off about the lack of clarity in the assessment description. My tutor fed back to me that I should have had more of an implementation plan - I could easily have done that, I do it everyday as part of my job and also if the assessment had have been a bit clearer.

When it comes to TMA time I tend to rummage around the other tutor group forums, I always do this and I have found it in the past to be advantageous. On this occasion I read a post from another tutor that said 'it should be an outline proposal, not an implementation manual' and for some reason that stuck in my head. I was discussing this with my wife and she said 'why are you listening to another tutor and not your own?' Maybe it serves me right.

On a more positive note, I actually submitted my TMA to my vice principal for consideration. The TMA was an implementation of a MOOC in a newly merged Glasgow college to promote digital literacies and serve as an introduction into the advanced diploma teaching in FE award. The project is called the Glasgow Regional Open Access Network. My vice principal immediately picked up on the GROAN acronym - I thought it was a nice touch myself.

My college is about to merge with three others. I think this project would be good not just for the new college, but the new Glasgow FE region as a whole - placing a network of educators at its heart.

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  1. "I actually submitted my TMA to my vice principal for consideration" good for you...I think that may be a *much* better definition of success. Mine's heading no further than the recycle bin!