Friday, 15 March 2013

OpenLearn introduction


I work as a faculty depute head at a college in Glasgow, I am however currently seconded as eLearning and VLE manager. I am a trained teacher and GTCS registered. My background is in network engineering, open source systems (UNIX/Linux) and computer forensics.

I have been responsible for pushing forward and supporting the elearning agenda within the college since 2006. When it comes to technology and teaching, I always like finding out about new stuff - hence the reason I am here :-)

I have really enjoyed H817 so far. I think it will be really interesting to see how placing the H817 formal group alongside informal learners will work out.

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  1. Hi David
    yes, mixing the two groups of learners will be interesting. It's worked well on other MOOCs such as DS106 & Phonar. I'll be interested to see if the H817 students 'stick together' because you've gotten to know each other already, which (if any) of the two groups are more active, etc.
    I think that the best way to understand things like MOOCs is to experience them, so it makes sense, but we'll see how it goes.
    Good to see your blog coming through anyway.