Wednesday, 3 April 2013

No commercialism (by the way, or wtf?)

It has been quite interesting checking out Creative Commons licensing, it really is something I should have done before now. In relation to the work I produce on the web, be it blog post, image or video etc, I would probably apply:
If someone is going to use my work, then I would like some credit for it. I wouldn't like them to gain any commercial benefit without including me also.

Working with Open Source systems since 1997/98 I have fairly good (not detailed) knowledge of the GNU GPL and BSD licensing systems. I was curious to know the differences between them and Creative Commons, it seems to be that Creative Commons does not cover computer code, therefore programmers do not recommend releasing code under CC. In this investigation I came across another licensing system, this raised a bit of a chuckle :-)

I wouldn't fancy being a Lawyer.