Monday, 11 February 2013

End of Week 1

So it was good to get going with week 1 on the course. I was really surprised at how busy the forum was. I managed to introduce myself to a few others on the course and post back some replies, I am sure I will get round to meeting everyone eventually.
I had a read at the reflective writing article by Michaud that details Gibbs’ Model of reflection, which I found to be quite useful. I had heard of the model before, but not in any great detail. Coincidentally, I was involved in discussions in work and with other colleges about reflective writing and learning, so I was able to forward this article, which others agreed was very useful.
Perhaps more interestingly this week, I went to visit a University and was involved in discussions about using technology in learning and teaching, with a focus on Moodle and Mahara.
After reading the Conole (2010) article ‘harnessing the power of Web 2.0 practices’, which details the difficulties in HE with utilising technology (especially with regards to pedagogy and organisational issues), I was struck by how commonplace these problems still are in education and in big institutions. Conole, however, goes on to detail (promote?) Cloudworks as a solution.
At the university, I was being faced with serious (and I mean serious) academics with not that much experience of technology. They were discussing (almost panicking) about how they get their new curriculum online, how they adopt suitable online teaching strategies and pedagogy and what tools can they use for assessing. They did not seem to be getting that much help from the organisation - bit of a shame :(


  1. Hi David, in relation to your last paragraph are the academics going to propose that this situation be rectified at all i.e. the lack of faculty training in relation to using information communication technologies? Sounds as though someone will have to make a first move if the situation is going to improve.

    Thanks Patricia

  2. Hi Patricia, I believe the school is in the process of recruiting someone at the moment as a technologist that will aid them in their online curriculum developments as well as liaising with the learning and teaching facility.

    Cheers, D